~ Tiramisù For The Soul ~

An Uplifting Retreat For Your Body And Spirit

On The Sacred Island Of Sardinia, Italy

May 20th to May 26th, 2020

~ Testimonials ~

  • I have attended 3 of Annalisa’s retreats, one in the UK and two in Sardinia, Italy. Each one was a transformative experience, each day carefully constructed to move us towards whatever internal shifts we needed to make. As well as that, there was so much fun and laughter in beautiful surroundings, they all felt like a holiday too.

    J. A.
  • Words can't describe the amazing experiences I had during the week. I feel refreshed, positive, inspired, transformed. Throughout the retreat there was the perfect balance between self development, excursions and free time. This corner of Sardinia is fantastic. I would love to repeat this experience each year!

    E. D.
  • I cannot think of a better way to renew myself than to be with Stephanie and Annalisa on this special retreat. Spending time with both of them is precious and inspiring. They have a way of truly bringing their own spirituality to you that brings you into that space of healing and love. Every part of the retreat is meant to help you transcend the adversities of life and prepare you to better know yourself. I cannot recommend more highly this opportunity to be in their presence.

    A. M.
  • Annalisa and Stephanie absolutely love working together. You could feel their harmonious connection, which reflects in their retreats that they have done together. I feel uplifted and inspired in their presence, and have undergone beautiful transformations in their retreats. There often feels like magic is in the air, or should I say a special energy that emerges from the retreats that I have gone to with them. Between Sardinia’s powerful presence and the two of them, I feel renewed, and changed at their retreats.

    L. N.
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