Experience Bliss…

Presence, Harmony & Love!


  • Annalisa has so much wisdom from her own life and inner transformation that she brings practical guidance as well as this deep insight. She bridges the mysterious and the practical with such grace, humour and loving kindness that after every session, I feel a transformation has taken place without me realizing it.

    J. A.
  • Dear Annalisa, so many interesting things have happened since our session. Like it was the catalyst to a huge unraveling. I feel like the powers are pushing me to create balance. I think back to the most difficult parts of the last few years and you were there like a spark of light in the darkness, guiding me. Thank you, Annalisa, I am blessed to know you.

    N. G.
  • What a profound experience to work with Annalisa! Her ability to connect with you and the inner voice of your soul is extraordinary. She was able to bring insights, wisdom and clarity to my life’s path with certainty and gentleness. I’m so grateful for her and her work.

    P. G.
  • Annalisa’s coaching is one of the best forms of guidance that I have experienced.  All the guidance that she gives, she lives.  From this unconventional non textbook method, I have felt understood in the deepest way possible, and inspired.  Because of this, her guidance feels alive, and much more tangible and accessible.  Not only does she offer exceptional coaching, but her heart is always there with her beautiful Presence.  For me, she is really a human angel.

    S. B.
  • Annalisa has helped me through some of the most difficult moments of my life. She has extraordinary intuitive gifts and insights but I think what sets her apart is her groundedness in reality and the experience of living. I cannot recommend her enough.

    J. M.
  • I have attended 3 of Annalisa’s retreats, one in the UK and two in Sardinia, Italy. Each one was a transformative experience, each day carefully constructed to move us towards whatever internal shifts we needed to make. As well as that, there was so much fun and laughter in beautiful surroundings, they all felt like a holiday too.

    J. A.
  • Words can't describe the amazing experiences I had during the week. I feel refreshed, positive, inspired, transformed. Throughout the retreat there was the perfect balance between self development, excursions and free time. This corner of Sardinia is fantastic. I would love to repeat this experience each year!

    E. D.
  • Annalisa is a truly extraordinary intuitive healer. The sessions have helped me through some of the hardest challenges life has presented me with in recent times. She offers the kind of support that is so rare and so precious these days. Something gentle yet soul stirringly powerful that’s very unique to Annalisa. It’s like a sweet balm to the senses, and one goes into the world afterwards feeling renewed and whole again. I cannot thank her enough for everything. With love, Helena.

    H. M.